GBC has an enthusiastic art department and a functional art studio for the Year 1 to 10 students.

Art is a highly valued part of the curriculum at GBC and the students are encouraged to be inquisitive and responsive to the world they live in. All subjects are taught within a Christian perspective and it is a privilege to include creativity within the context of intelligent design. The subject epitomises the “joy of life” that is given to us so abundantly.

GBC offers a diverse range of creative subjects for secondary students including Fine Arts. The students are able to choose Art each year, up to Year 10, enabling them to broaden their outlook on life by studying the work and lives of artists from other times and other places. Importantly the students also study art from Australia to gain valuable insight into their own culture, both past and present.

There are many careers that include art, such as architecture, fashion design, illustration, theatre and so on. The students will explore the possibilities of studying art with future careers in mind.