Food Technology

Food Technology Goldfields Baptist College provides a variety of life skills starting with the basics in Year 7 and working up to more challenging experiences as the students’ progress through to Year 10. Our course is tailored to suit all ability levels, from those needing basic life skills to those students who may want to take up food technology as a profession.

We emphasise a hands-on approach and through practical tasks students are able to develop, reinforce and apply their culinary skills and techniques. They also increase their confidence in producing a variety of food products. Based on our Christian ethos, we encourage co-operation, respect, self-management and self-discipline. As they plan, prepare and produce culinary delights they not only come to enjoy the social aspects of this course but they are able to eat and share the products of their labour.

The course involves:

  • an understanding of nutrition and food consumption and an appreciation of the consequences of food choices on health
  • knowledge and understanding of food properties, processing and preparation to produce quality food products and solutions to specific food situations
  • an appreciation of the importance of food hygiene, safe working practices and legislation to produce quality food
  • the development of skills in researching, evaluating and communicating issues related to food