Information Communication Technology

The ICT program at Goldfields Baptist College is designed to build up the students’ understanding, knowledge and skills in the use of Information and Communication Technology, with a key focus on the use of industry standard software. In the early years, students are provided with the opportunity to develop their touch typing skills and learning to use industry standard desktop publishing software packages in order to prepare them for presentations and assessments for their other subjects, and ultimately to prepare the students for their post school careers and the associated ICT environment they will be working in. In the later years, the program steers students into the more technical software packages and use of hardware which caters for students who have an interest in ICT, or for the students aspiring to further study or ICT specific careers. Throughout the ICT program, students are encouraged to develop confidence in the use of technology, coupled with a respect for both digital security and online safety.

Secondary College students are welcome to bring their own, approved devices to enhance their learning.