Early Childhood

At Goldfields Baptist College, we believe that God created every child as a unique individual.  He accepts us the way we are and has a plan for each and every one of us.  The Early Childhood program is built around the following understandings:

  • Our curriculum for the Early Years promotes a sense of God in all things; developing identity and well-being, allowing the progress of confident and involved learners.
  • A natural curiosity about their physical, social and technological world is extended though hands-on learning.
  • Learning and teaching programs are built around knowledge about children’s development; their linguistic, social, emotional, aesthetic, spiritual, creative, physical and cognitive ways of knowing.  This incorporates play-based learning. 
  • They get the opportunity to construct and review their understandings through interaction with others.
  • They learn through play and experimentation, observation, manipulation and exploration of objects, materials and technologies, physical movement and other phenomena.
  • They develop a strong desire to discuss, describe, label, classify, communicate and represent their observations and experiences in ways which are meaningful to them.
  • Through a play-based context to learning, students develop fundamental skills in literacy, numeracy and physical development which foster creativity and social skills.

At Goldfields Baptist College, the programs are purposeful and appropriate to the child's current thinking, interests and ways of learning.  Activities encourage children's autonomy, intellectual risk taking, responsibility and control of learning.  Teachers use strategies including explicit approaches with whole-class, small-group and individual encounters.