Primary College

The Primary College program at Goldfields Baptist College is based on the Australian Curriculum Framework and is carefully tailored to meet the developmental needs of early learners.

Literacy development is a key curriculum focus, with all teachers assisting in developing the skills of students in reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and critical thinking. Each year level has a Reading, Writing and Spelling program which is stimulating, contemporary and challenging, and where the individual needs of each student are met. State-of-the-art programs are used, and proven procedures maintained. The Early Intervention Program identifies levels of phonological awareness in students and Intervention Programs are put in place for students needing specific support.

Numeracy and strong fundamentals in Maths are evident in the Primary College program. Each year level experiences a range of teaching methods in individual, small group and whole class settings, with time dedicated to investigation of topics using many concrete materials.

All classrooms are filled with presentations that celebrate learning, findings and successes. Primary classes offer a thematic approach to the Curriculum. Each theme is cautiously selected in contemplation of the age and interests of the students.  Special events, incursions and excursions supplement the delivery of the curriculum.

Primary children are taught by one teacher for most of the time, while specialists teach Physical Education, Music and French.  The involvement of several different teachers increases in Year 6 and begins to prepare students for the Secondary College environment.