Specific Needs

The purpose of the ‘special needs’ section is:

  • To help maximize the educational outcomes for all students
  • We use intervention and extension programs
  • This helps students to advance their skills, knowledge and processes to meet their potential.


  • To optimize the development of the potential of each student
  • To promote the development of a flexible approach to the education of students’ superior abilities
  • To promote in the college community the awareness and understanding of giftedness
  • To develop effective partnerships with parents in supporting quality educational outcomes for gifted students

The process to select students for special help is:

  • Teacher referrals
  • Checking school work and assessment
  • Use of specific testing tools
  • Use of NAPLAN results

This information is assessed by the college’s ‘Special Needs Advisory Committee’ (SNAC) who recommend what help to provide to students; either remedial or extension.