The School Education Act 1999 requires compulsory aged students to attend or participate in an educational program at a school. Goldfields Baptist College is therefore required to record/monitor student attendance, and use strategies to restore attendance if needed. Early identification of students, whose attendance is not regular, is crucial to minimising student absences.

The Curriculum Council has very specific contact hours for Senior College students. Without sufficient hours they will not obtain their WACE.
By law the College has to keep an attendance register of every student and we are also required to have the reason for the absence in writing. Parents should provide a reason for a child’s absence as soon as possible after the absence. To make this process easier we have provided a template in the student diary to be filled out.

Each parent of a child who is of compulsory school age has the legal obligation to ensure their child is enrolled and attends a school on every school day for the educational program in which the child is enrolled, unless the parent has a valid reason.

Prosecution of one or both parents may occur if the parent(s) do not fulfil their legal obligation in regard to enrolment and attendance of their child at school. From time to time a student may be absent from their educational program. Parents comply with their compulsory schooling or compulsory participation obligation by providing a valid reason for these absences.

  • If a student is absent from the College, parents need to advise the College by calling at their earliest convenience and then send a note with their child when they return to school.
  • If a parent chooses to go on holiday during the school term, teachers will not be responsible for providing work in advance or helping the student to catch up afterwards. If students miss any assessment during this period they will receive zero percent for this assessment. The same applies for examinations.
  • If a student misses an examination due to illness, the College requires a medical certificate to allow the student to sit the examination at a suitable later time. Parents will be required to complete Application for special consideration or deferred examinations. For all other purposes, such as a holiday, a student will receive zero percent for this examination.
  • A medical certificate must be provided if their child is away from school due to illness for 3 or more consecutive days.
  • Eligible Australian students attract both Federal and State Government per capita grants paid to the College to assist with providing the GBC Educational Program. In order for the College to claim available grants for students’ education, their attendance must be above 90%. If a student is away for more than the required 90% and there is no valid reason for the absence, full-fee paying overseas student (FFPOS) rates will apply.