Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team (PCT) consists of the Principal, Deputy-Principal, Heads of Student Welfare and the Chaplain, and is chaired by the Heads of Student Welfare.  The PCT is available to assist the teachers in their role as counselors.  The PCT is responsible for implementing and running the “You Can Do It” and “High 5” (anti-bullying) programs.

Teachers have a mandated role to provide counsel for the benefit of the child and to assist parents. The Kalgoorlie Baptist Church’s (KBC) Youth Pastor is available to offer support to secondary students. He is timetabled to be at College each week at specific though part time/s.  The Senior Pastor of KBC is also available upon referral for other adult counseling needs.

The role of the Chaplain is to support:

  1. Students in their emotional & spiritual wellbeing at College.
  2. Parents with concerns about their child regarding:
    • issues at College e.g. bullying/harassment, Behaviour Management, social skills.
    • issues at home e.g. parents separating, family crises, health problems.
    • advice and support.
  3. Staff in the pastoral care of students and care of themselves.

Referrals to the Chaplains via the PCT can come from any of:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Staff

The process involves:

  • Referral to the Specific Needs Advisory Committee (SNAC).
  • Ongoing counseling/coaching of life skills e.g. Conflict management, stress management, protective behaviour, anger management, social skills, managing emotions, grieving.
  • Possible referrals to outside agencies.
  • Management of emergencies and critical Incidents.

This service is confidential except when otherwise determined by the College Executive.  Goldfields Baptist College is aware of mandatory reporting requirements.