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Formal Uniform - Boys

Boys lemon Shirt $31.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C,16C
Boys white Shirt $31.00 10A,12A,14A,16A,18A,20A,22A
Boys College Shorts $35.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C,16C
Boys College Trousers $35.00 8A,10A,12A,14A,16A,18A,20A,22A
Men's Shorts $35.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C,16C
Men's Trousers $35.00 8A,10A,12A,14A,16A,18A,20A,22A

Formal Uniform - Girls

Girls Lemon shirt $31.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C,16C
Girls White Shirt $31.00 8A,10A,12A,14A,16A,18A,20A,22A
Skirt $55.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C,16C
Dress (Terms 1&4 only) $60.00 8A,10A,12A,14A,16A,18A,20A,22A


Unisex Jumper $50.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C,16C,

Sports Uniform

Orange polo $30.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C, XSML, S, M, L, XL
Tracksuit Jacket - Child Sizes $75.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C
Tracksuit Jacket - Adult Sizes $75.00 XSML, S, M, L, XL
Tracksuit Pants $47.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C, XSML, S, M, L, XL
Sports Shorts $37.00 4C,6C,8C,10C,12C,14C,16C, S, M, L, XL


Back pack - Large $60.00 L
Back Pack - Small $45.00 S
Bible $40.00 N/A
Tie $20.00 1 size
Hat $16.00 Blue/Green/Yellow - please specify