Frequently Asked Questions

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What time does school start and finish?

School starts at 8:25. Primary finish at 2:55pm and Secondary finish at 3pm

Can my child have their mobile phone/ipod/tablet at school?

Mobile phones/ipods and tablets are able to be brought to school, however this devices must be checked in at reception. We do not allow students to have their mobile phones on them during school hours.

Which uniform should my child wear?

Kindy - wearing a uniform is optional, however they can wear the sports top (orange) if they would like to. Pre Primary - wear the sports uniform. Primary - Summer uniform consists of a blue and white check dress for girls, or formal lemon shirt and blue skirt. Lemon shirt for boys and blue shorts with navy blue socks and black leather shoes. Secondary - Summer uniform consists of a blue and white check dress or white shirts and blue skirt for girls. White shirt and blue shorts for boys.

What time is Assembly?

Primary Assembly starts at 2.15pm on Fridays on odd numbered weeks during the term. Secondary students combine with whole school Assemblies.

What is the procedure if my child is late to school?

If a student arrives after the bell, they must attend the office. Primary students will be given a late pass. Secondary students will have their diary stamped. The time that a student arrives is recorded on the attendance register.

Can I pick up my child early/ for an appointment?

Yes, you will need to sign your child out at the Office.

How do I let the school know if my child is sick or absent?

If your child is absent from school, you must notify us via the Compass app or by calling (08) 9022 7535, or email

My child needs to take medication during school.

Please complete a Medication Form (available from the Office). We will only hold prescribed medication that is in the student's name. Please ensure you provide details in the form of a Doctor's certificate about the dosage required and if it needs to be taken at a specific time/ or with food.

How do I know which books/ resources my child needs?

You will be issued with a booklist at the end of Term 4. You can purchase stationery items online or at a stationery shop.

Is there a school bus?

Yes, please contact BusWest Kalgoorlie on (08) 9093 3230

How do I order my childs recess/lunch?

Orders and payment may be made via QuikCliq. Students can pay by cash or the Canteen will accept payment in person by card.

Is GBC nut free?

We are a nut aware school.

What time are recess and lunch?

Primary Recess is at 10.45am and lunch is at 12.50pm. Secondary Recess is at 9.40am and lunch is at 12.15pm.