Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary at GBC is fee free, irrespective of the pathway that students choose.

Goldfields Baptist College Senior Secondary

The greatest benefit of choosing GBC to complete students' Senior Secondary studies is that families are choosing to invest into students' growth and wellbeing in the most pressure-filled and stressful years of their studies, in a nurturing environment, offering staff who will walk students' journeys alongside them, focussing on their personal growth.

Because GBC is a small school, it means that students get to work in very small groups with their teachers, who can put a lot of time and attention into their growth and development.

For students who want to receive a very tailored education; students who struggle with anxiety; students who thrive in an authentic Christian environment; students who thrive under focussed teacher-student attention; students who are having a difficult time because of circumstances beyond their control; or students who really don't want to disappear as another face in a crowded classroom in their most pivotal years of study, GBC is a wonderful option.

For many of our existing students, GBC is the natural choice, as they don't need to go through the culture shock of leaving a very nurturing environment for a potentially starkly contrasting experience, which means their academic performance remains much steadier. The added benefits to students of remaining in a familiar environment, with familiar staff who already know them, care about them, and have invested into them are also considerable contributing factors.

Senior Secondary students at GBC experience a much higher rate of autonomy and independence than their peers in Years Seven-Ten. With parent/carer consent, students have access to greater freedoms and privileges, as long as they exercise these responsibly.

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Pathways Available in 2023

Goldfields Baptist College is offering a variety of options, with mixed pathways available to students in 2023. Students are able to select from Foundation, General, or VET subjects to build their timetables in 2023, in order to access their desired outcomes. At GBC, are committed to supporting each student to meet WACE requirements, so will offer ongoing support, guidance and mentoring to students throughout their Senior Secondary journey, in order to support them to attain their Western Australian Certificate of Education.

Students who wish to complete subjects that are not being offered internally by the College are able to enrol into online subjects, which the College will facilitate. Students are also able to enrol into a range of Certificate courses. For these options, students should make an appointment to discuss their selections with the Deputy Principal.

Subjects Available in 2023

All subjects listed are General subjects, unless otherwise indicated.

  • English
  • English Foundation
  • Mathematics Essential
  • Mathematics Foundation
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Management and Enterprise
  • Materials Design and Technology Metal
  • Human Biology
  • Outdoor Education
  • Modern History
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Physical Education Studies
  • Psychology
  • Drama
  • Certificate II in Cookery
  • Certificate II in Engineering Pathways
  • Certificate II in Workplace Skills (Business)

GBC also offers supervised study periods and an intensive programme to support students to achieve their OLNA,
if they have not yet met these requirements.

Endorsed Programmes

GBC is also offering and supporting student involvement in Endorsed Programmes, which are another way for students to accumulate the required points to achieve their WACE. 

While students may be able to count their involvement in a range of extracurricular activities towards their WACE attainment, GBC are offering the following Endorsed Programmes:

  • Workplace Learning (to be completed through student holiday periods)
  • Senior Secondary Mission Trip (to be completed through student holiday periods)
  • Participation in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Police Rangers Non-Commissioned Officer programme (to be completed outside of school hours during Police Rangers parade evenings and camps)


The College canteen reinforces nutrition messages being taught in the classroom by modelling healthier food and drink choices that are tasty, interesting and affordable. This has the potential to influence food choices by students in the wider community, and help to equip students with the knowledge they need to continue to make healthy choices throughout their adult lives.

The role of the College canteen is to provide a food service to students and staff that is part of a whole-school approach that supports healthy eating, is affordable and financially sustainable.

As part of our endeavour to have a healthy school, we encourage students to reduce their intake of sugar and caffeine and, therefore, do not have soft drinks for sale at the canteen. For the same reason, students are not permitted to bring soft drinks or caffeinated drinks to school.  Students who bring soft drinks and/or highly caffeinated 'energy' drinks on-campus will have them confiscated.

Canteen orders should be placed in the boxes outside the Primary area before school, or students and parents can order from the Canteen online through Compass.  EFTPOS is available at the College Canteen.

Canteen Menu Summer Term 1 2021

 Uniform Shops

The Uniform Shop is open every Tuesday from 3pm - 4pm, and every Friday from 8am - 9am.

Orders can be purchased online via Compass, following the Canteen link.  If you order online, your order will be available for collection on Wednesdays from 2:45pm-3:45pm.

If you are attending the Uniform Shop in person, we are able to accept Cash and EFTPOS for new Uniform items.

Cash payments are required for the purchase of second-hand uniform items and second-hand text books.

Boys Uniform   Girls Uniform  
Senior Secondary Polo Shirt $35.00 Senior Secondary Polo Shirt $35.00
College Sports Shorts or  $37.00 College Sports Shorts or  $37.00
College Track Trousers $46.00 College Track Trousers $46.00
    College Skirt $55.00
College Sports Jacket $75.00 College Sports Jacket $75.00
White Socks   White Socks  
Black Sports Shoes   Black Sports Shoes  


For a full refund on return of new items, they must have the label or tag still attached and be unsoiled, undamaged and in original packaging.


*** Prices are subject to change without notification***


For the full Uniform Policy, please click here

 2023 Book Lists

Goldfields Baptist College uses Office National as our primary supplier for our annual book lists.  Families may choose to order through Office National, or source the listed items through another supplier, if preferred.  If families are sourcing items through another supplier, they are asked to please ensure that items at least meet the specified sizes/dimensions/function of all items listed.  Staff are careful not to add arbitrary items to the book lists, so please ensure that the listed quantities are met, for students completing the entire year in a class.  Families who may be enrolling mid-year should speak with College staff about book list quantities.

 Fees & Forms

School Fees

Out of concern for the rising cost of living and COVID pressures that continue to affect families, the College Board have decided on a school fee freeze applied to College fees from 2022-2023.

2021 Schedule of Fees

Forms & Downloads

Student Withdrawal Form

2020 BYO Device Suitability Requirements

Subject Selection Form Secondary

Student Code of Conduct Secondary


Goldfields Baptist College uses Compass as our main means of communication between the College and families.  For further information on how to use Compass, please access this link, or come in to see us in Reception.