College context

Goldfields Baptist College is the only Kindergarten to Year 12 registered educational facility in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, creating a consistent pathway on a student’s learning journey.  We are a multicultural, multi-denominational, co-educational school that offers a holistic Christian education. 

Our learning, pastoral care and relationships are built upon a strong Christian foundation, and we are extremely proud of our working environment, which is one of unparalleled support and community. As is captured in our Mission Statement, the College culture is one of community and support that nurtures and equips not only our students, but each person, for life.  As such, at GBC, we invest deeply into one another as colleagues, and approach all elements of our professional practice with a view to continue to collaboratively grow together. 

This makes it a wonderful environment in which to flourish as a professional, amongst committed colleagues who are eager to invest into you, your personal wellbeing, and your professional growth.

What is it like to work at GBC?

GBC has an absolutely phenomenal staff culture, which we are equally proud of and careful to maintain. The greatest collegial and cultural strength is in the very authentic Christian walk that each of us is journeying on, side-by-side, as brothers and sisters in Christ, in a shared mission field.

We maintain an open enrolment policy, so students and families are at differing points on their faith journeys, though we continue to expect and uphold high standards of behaviour, respect and compliance with the College's Christian ethos.

Being in a regional, mining area, you will find that the students we are privileged to serve are some truly salt-of-the-Earth kinds of people; those who are very realistic, rugged,honest and generous. Students in each class will span almost the full gamut of academic ability, with interests and passions that span almost as widely.

Because of the highly transient nature of the Goldfields, you will find that those who have spent some time in the region know how to open their arms and their hearts quickly to newcomers, and you will have the opportunity to build swift rapport with students, and form very firm, fast friendships with colleagues.

Isn't Kalgoorlie really far away?

Kalgoorlie is 600km from Perth, which means a 50-minute flight, an approximately six-hour train trip, or an approximately six and a half hour drive through regional Western Australia. Once in the Goldfields, you might be surprised at what is available in our remote city.

With a population of over 30,000, the facilities and amenities available to you are not that different to what is found in the Perth suburbs. One of our biggest points of difference, however, is the incredibly strong community spirit, with some of the most egalitarian and down-to-Earth people that can be found anywhere, coupled with tightly knit church communities that join together regularly for combined praise and fellowship.


One of the many positives in teaching/working in a small school in regional Western Australia is the natural opportunity to begin your path into School Leadership and/or expand your working horizons in ways that you may not have previously considered.

Working in regional schools presents opportunities for staff members to try their hand at organising events, or to flourish in areas of passion, by implementing innovations and ideas, even within their first year at the school.

Additionally, there are regular opportunities for staff to begin their journey into formal School Leadership positions, without a need to attain seniority amongst staff first. GBC currently has positions vacant on the Leadership Team, so in your application for a teaching position, you can also express your interest in a Leadership position to begin or continue this avenue of your career.

Finally, small regional schools also offer excellent opportunities for flexibility in work arrangements.

Many of our staff members are parents, both with children enrolled at the College, and some with children enrolled elsewhere.

Other staff members are completing study whilst undertaking a part-time load. There is considerable flexibility in adjusting timetables, working on preferred days, adjusted contact hours, and strong understanding of those drop and run times under all kinds of personal circumstances.

Do not count yourself out of the running because you may need some flexibility in arrangements; just ask the question you might be surprised at the answer!

Employment at GBC

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