What is Police Rangers

The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Police Rangers is one of the cadet units operating under CadetsWA. It is similar to other cadet units (Army Cadets, Air Force Cadets, Navy Cadets, etc.) but training and structure within the unit are modelled on the Western Australian Police Force.

Through Police Rangers, cadets learn and master a range of knowledge and skills, including (but not limited to):

  • Bush survival and the 'country code' (bush etiquette)
  • First aid
  • UHF (radio) communications
  • Drill (marching, saluting, etc.)
  • Navigation (using maps, compasses, gps)
  • Leadership
  • Crime prevention

We hold at least four camps every year, with these taking place during school holidays, and we seek to complete at least two bush camps out of these four, every year.  Cadets experience the thrill of being pushed to step outside their comfort zone, and the deep reward of success when facing their fears and testing their grit.  Every person who participates in a cadet unit will tend to get out of it whatever they are willing to put in.

At Police Rangers, not everyone is necessarily keen to undertake a career in the Police Force, but it can certainly help you along the path, if this is your vocation.  What everyone has in common however, is a lot of passion for pulling together as a team and overcoming challenges, while learning to be confident, contributing and capable members of society.

The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Police Rangers runs from Goldfields Baptist College, but is open to enrolment by any young people, aged 11.5-17 years, whether they are students at the College, or not.

Parade Times

The Police Rangers parade at Goldfields Baptist College, from 6:00pm until 8:00pm each Wednesday evening, beginning in week two of each school term. NCO Training is conducted from 8:00pm until 8:30pm, but is strictly attendance by invitation only.

The unit also holds camps during school holidays, but the timing of these varies from break to break, so cadets receive camp instructions during parade nights leading up to each break.

Enrolment Requirements and Procedures

In order to enrol into the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Police Rangers, young people must be aged between 11.5 to 17 years.  Cadets can remain with the unit until the end of the year in which they turn 18.  Enrolment forms can be collected either from the College's Administration Building during office hours, or be collected upon arrival to one of our Wednesday parade evenings.  An enrolment form must be completed and submitted to the Unit Co-Ordinator/another Instructor prior to a probationary (just starting) cadet being left at a Wednesday parade night.

Police Rangers does not require any enrolment or attendance fees, though most camps will require a fee to be paid for attendance, with payment arrangements available.


When commencing with Police Rangers, probationary cadets should wear comfortable clothes with enclosed shoes. While some Wednesday evenings will involve classroom-style learning, other evenings will include lots of physical activity, so probationary cadets are encouraged to attend dressed to participate in heavy physical activity.

When cadets have returned their enrolment form and attended at least three Wednesday parade evenings, they will be provided with a uniform (supply permitting) to wear to Police Rangers training and events.  This uniform remains the property of the Police Rangers, so cadets do not pay a fee to be issued with a uniform, but must take care of it most carefully and return it to the unit when they outgrow it or leave the cadet unit.