The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Police Rangers unit began in the late 1990s, running from the local Police and Citizens Youth Club (later renamed Police and Community Youth Club). Shortly after the time of its conception, the unit became a mounted unit, proudly hosting equestrian and bicycle sections.

As time and society moved on, the mounted sections were phased out, but the unit has continued to thrive throughout its 25 years of operation.

As the local PCYC continued to grow, renovations at the club saw the unit temporarily relocated to the local Police Station's Training Rooms. Then, as the PCYC's gymnastics programme further expanded, the Police Rangers eventually found a new home at Goldfields Baptist College, and became a school-based unit.

In order to ensure the unit's accessibility to any and all young people in the community, weekly parades have continued to take place outside of school hours, to ensure that both GBC students and those from other schools have equal access and opportunity to engage with, and thrive in, the unit.

Today, the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Police Rangers unit is proud to have two instructors who have been involved in the unit almost since its commencement, each having joined as cadets in 1998, progressing through each of the available ranks, and going on to become instructors in adulthood.

The unit has a number of significant achievements in its history, including:

  • Participation in local and state ANZAC Day services and commemorations for the full 25 years of the unit's operation.  The Police Rangers have had uniformed attendance on ANZAC Day every year in that time, including uniformed attendance by cadets in their own driveways when COVID-19 restrictions cancelled ANZAC Day parades across the state, in 2020.
  • Mounted escort support for a fundraising national trail ride, with cadets riding with fundraisers from Esperance towards Norseman.
  • Mounted escort support for local competitors in the Balzano Barrow Race, with cadets riding with runners from Kanowna to Kalgoorlie.
  • Support for local WAPOL initiatives, including the installation of anti-theft screws for local vehicles' number plates, and fundraising intiatives.
  • Support for local WAPOL officers and their families through participation in Police Remembrance Day.
  • Support for the local PCYC through service at fundraising initiatives.
  • Local community involvement and support through participation in community events such as the St Barbara's Parade and Community Fair, as well as various other events.
  • Participation, donations and co-ordination of the Youth Tournament at local and regional shows (Kalgoorlie Community Fair and Esperance Agricultural Show).
  • Extensive, two-year fundraising effort, in order to realise the dream of a cadet, to take all NCOs on a camp to visit the theme parks in Queensland.

Today, we are still writing Kalgoorlie-Boulder Police Rangers history and legacy.

The unit's achievements and aspirations are written by the young people who are committed to shaping the unit into all that they want it to be, so each 'generation' of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Police Rangers looks a bit different to the last, as it continues to shape itself to meet the needs of cadets.