What it's like to be a Secondary student at GBC


GBC is a very warm, welcoming and supportive place. Students are each valued individually, in accordance with Imago Dei. GBC is extremely pleased to welcome a very wide demographic within the student, family and staff bodies, with students born in over 20 different countries, constituting over 30% of our student body being born overseas and over 30 different languages spoken as a primary language at home.

While we are all on a journey and growing each and every day, our students are generally kind to one another, celebrating each other's strengths and successes in conquering challenges. This is best captured at our sporting carnivals, when students who struggle to finish their race are cheered on by the entire student body, with everyone celebrating their victory when they reach the finish line!


As with all Secondary schools, many students are often struggling to formulate and understand their place and identity in a regularly hostile world. This sometimes results in behaviour or verbal interactions that can be unkind, hostile or unpleasant. In these instances, students are strongly encouraged to speak to a member of staff with whom they feel comfortable, so that their concerns may be addressed.

On these occasions, GBC follows an approach that seeks to work with both the offending student and the offended student, in order to find the root cause of the offending student's behaviour, and offer them the necessary support, guidance and correction (with consequences, as appropriate); whilst also working to support the offended student and build their resilience and capacity to respond appropriately to any other offensive behaviour they may encounter throughout their lives. Wilful injury or damage to College community members or College property may result in the prompt suspension or cancellation of enrolment of the offending student.

All students are required to comply with the Student Code of Conduct, which can be found below. While the College has a behaviour management system (the Grace System) to respond to behaviour that deviates from expectations, it should be noted that the College reserves the right to suspend or cancel the enrolment of students whose behaviour, conduct or attendance do not meet College requirements.

Extra-Curricular Activities

There is a variety of activities and clubs offered each year, which is shaped and grown in accordance with student and staff interests and passions. Currently, a quick 'snapshot' of what the College offers includes:

  • Prayer clubs
  • Choir
  • Sewing/Craft Club
  • Various sporting clubs
  • Chess Club
  • Card Club
  • Humphreys Dance week
  • Year level retreats
  • Year Ten camp
  • Senior Secondary Mission Trip
  • Mother's and Father's Day breakfasts and stalls
  • Breakfast Club
  • STEM Challenges
  • Synergy Schools Solar Car Challenge

This list can, and does, change as each year takes shape.  If students or families have any clubs or interest areas that they would like to see taken up, students can speak with the Secondary Student Leadership, and families can approach their child's Pastoral Care Teacher or the Secondary Team Leader to make suggestions or requests.


The Secondary College holds fortnightly morning meetings, during which time the Secondary Student Leadership and staff deliver any cohort-wide announcements/notices, awards are presented, and student achievements are recognised and celebrated.

Whole-College Assemblies are also held for special circumstances and events. These can be found on each Term Planner, and on the Compass calendar (found on the Compass website, not via the Compass app).