Primary Student Leadership

Students in Year Five have the opportunity to serve on the Primary Student Leadership, which allows them the chance to take on a role of increased responsibility in their class and Primary section of the College. In Term Four, Year Five students are able to nominate, campaign and run for a position on the Primary Student Leadership for the following year.

Incoming students and current students are equally able to nominate for a position on the Primary Student Leadership, though incoming students will need to be available to either record or appear via link to deliver their campaign speech on the specified day.

For incoming students, the nomination form is available at the below link and should be emailed to Mrs Lander via

Roles and Responsibilities of PSLs

The Primary Student Leaders serve the College in the following ways:

  • Fortnightly 'GBC Six Radio' announcements to the Primary section of the College, using the College PA system
  • Hosting lunchtime games for all students in the Primary section of the College, fortnightly on Fridays
  • DJing lunchtime music for Primary students, each Friday alternate to lunchtime games
  • Being approachable to all students in the College, who would like to share suggestions or concerns, or ask questions
  • Attend regular meetings with the Secondary Student Leadership (High School Student Leaders) and College Leadership Team (Principal, Deputy Principal, Primary and Secondary Team Leaders, and other lead-teachers) to share ideas and student feedback, plan events and make innovations at GBC
  • Rostered recess and lunchtime duties, supporting all Primary students through mediating minor disagreements, being a friend to students who may be alone or upset, supporting Staff by excusing younger students to go and play when they have finished eating, and other support roles
  • Organise and carry out fundraising initiatives
  • Represent the College internally and at community events, as required
  • Other duties, as required

Benefits of serving as a PSL

Students who serve on the Primary Student Leadership receive the following inherent benefits:

  • Christ-like service to peers and staff (learning through serving others)
  • Being a role model to peers both in the Primary and Secondary sections of the College
  • Being a trusted and respected representative of the Primary student body
  • Opportunities to meet with and get to know the College Leadership Team, and see your ideas put into action
  • Access to the PSL Common Room for meetings and during lunchtimes
  • Participate in the PSL Reward Day at the end of the year
  • Discounted school fees for successful completion of the year as a PSL