The Secondary years are an important transition from the formative years of Primary education, and maximise student ambitions and academic choice, as they progress through to independence and adulthood.  Students are encouraged to set realistic goals and to aspire to personal excellence in their studies.  Implementing the Western Australian Curriculum helps to create confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens.

GBC endeavours to provide a Christ-centred, Biblical perspective on education, which is relevant and applicable to daily life.  Our students are learning to see the world around us from a Christian perspective through interactive and vibrant learning opportunities.  While GBC teaches to the Western Australian Curriculum, we do so from within a Christian context, which can have an impact on the way that certain elements of the curriculum are approached and delivered, particularly with regard to the delivery of some elements of the Health curriculum.  If you have any questions or queries about the way that GBC delivers the Western Australian Curriculum within a Christian context, please feel free to contact (insert link to contact us page) the College to make an appointment with the Secondary Team Leader, Deputy Principal or Principal.

Students study a prescribed programme from Years Seven-Ten, which will generally include English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health, Physical Education and Christian Studies.  Christian Studies is a compulsory subject at GBC, and serves as an opportunity for students to broaden and deepen their understanding of Christianity, Christian faith, and its place within a predominantly secular modern Australia/the world.  Christian Studies are not indoctrination or 'recruitment' classes, but are an opportunity for students to question, challenge and query their understanding of Christianity, while learning about faith and what it involves.

Complementing this prescribed programme are the College’s range of Arts, Technologies and Physical Education subjects. Students in Years Seven and Eight enjoy learning from two of each of the semester-long Arts and Technologies courses, whilst students in Years Nine and Ten take on a year-long major elective and either a year-long or two semester-based minor electives.  Year Ten students also have the choice of completing two units of Work Place Learning throughout the year, in lieu of their minor elective, however it is the responsibility of the student to catch up on any work missed as a result of completing Work Place Learning.

Parents/carers are able to monitor their child's academic progress through the Compass Continuum and Compass Learning Tasks.  For more information, see the Compass 'How-To' section.


All students from Years Seven to Ten are expected to complete semesterly examinations at GBC. The College believes that participation in examinations serves many purposes in equipping students for life, including promoting a level of academic rigour in their approach to their schooling; promoting the development of coping skills and strategies for potentially stressful situations in a safe context; promoting the development of time-management skills and strategies in potentially stressful or demanding situations in a safe context; preparing students for the rigour and pressure of academic examinations in Senior Secondary and University contexts; and offering students a different opportunity to demonstrate their academic knowledge and understanding, among other purposes and benefits.

Modifications and other strategies are able to be implemented to support students who find the examination period intimidating or overwhelming for any reason. Families/students should contact their Pastoral Care Teacher and/or the Specific Needs Co-Ordinator, in order to discuss student needs.

The examination timetable is determined by the College Leadership Team during the previous academic year, and is accessible to families on the Compass calendar (accessed via the Compass website, not the Compass app).  As such, families should plan commitments around the
examination period, to ensure student attendance at school for each of their examinations.

  In the event of illness, bereavement or other limited extenuating circumstances, families may apply for special consideration for deferral of an examination, using the form below.  Please note, under the School Education Act 1999, family holidays or travel are not acceptable reasons for non-attendance at school or deferral of examinations.

Application for special consideration or deferred examination 


The College canteen reinforces nutrition messages being taught in the classroom by modelling healthier food and drink choices that are tasty, interesting and affordable. This has the potential to influence food choices by students in the wider community, and help to equip students with the knowledge they need to continue to make healthy choices throughout their adult lives.

The role of the College canteen is to provide a food service to students and staff that is part of a whole-school approach that supports healthy eating, is affordable and financially sustainable.

As part of our endeavour to have a healthy school, we encourage students to reduce their intake of sugar and caffeine and, therefore, do not have soft drinks for sale at the canteen. For the same reason, students are not permitted to bring soft drinks or caffeinated drinks to school.  Students who bring soft drinks and/or highly caffeinated 'energy' drinks on-campus will have them confiscated.

Canteen orders should be placed in the boxes outside the Primary area before school, or students and parents can order from the Canteen online through Compass.  EFTPOS is available at the College Canteen.


Canteen Menu Summer Term 1 2021

 Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open every Tuesday from 3pm - 4pm, and every Friday from 8am - 9am.

Orders can be purchased online via Compass, following the Canteen link.  If you order online, your order will be available for collection on Wednesdays from 2:45pm-3:45pm.

If you are attending the Uniform Shop in person, we are able to accept Cash and EFTPOS for new Uniform items.

Cash payments are required for the purchase of second-hand uniform items and second-hand text books.


Boys Formal Uniform   Girls Formal Uniform  

White Shirt


White Shirt


College Shorts or College Trousers


College Skirt


Woollen Jumper


Woollen Jumper




Navy Socks

Navy Socks   Navy Socks  
Black Leather Shoes   Black Leather Shoes  


Unisex Sports Uniform  
Faction Sports Shirt $37.00
College Sports Shorts or $37.00
College Track Trousers $46.00
College Sports Jacket $75.00
Faction Hat $16.00
White Socks  
Black Sports Shoes  

For a full refund on return of new items, they must have the label or tag still attached and be unsoiled, undamaged and in original packaging.

*** Prices are subject to change without notification***


For the full uniform policy, please click here


 2024 Book Lists

Goldfields Baptist College uses Office National as our primary supplier for our annual book lists.  Families may choose to order through Office National, or source the listed items through another supplier, if preferred.  If families are sourcing items through another supplier, they are asked to please ensure that items at least meet the specified sizes/dimensions/function of all items listed.  Staff are careful not to add arbitrary items to the book lists, so please ensure that the listed quantities are met, for students completing the entire year in a class.  Families who may be enrolling mid-year should speak with College staff about book list quantities.

Click the links below to download the Book Lists for 2024. Please note that the cut off date for pre packed orders was 17 December 2023.

Link for Year Seven

Link for Year Eight

Link for Year Nine

Link for Year Ten

 Fees & Forms

School Fees

2024 Schedule of Fees

Forms & Downloads

Student Enrolment Form link

Student Withdrawal Form



Goldfields Baptist College uses Compass as our main means of communication between the College and families.  For further information on how to use Compass, please access this link, or come in to see us in Reception.